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At Ansons Consulting, we excel in crafting, overseeing, and executing transport research and evaluation initiatives. Our research unearths invaluable insights into both historical and present travel choices, impacts, alternatives, and trends. These insights serve as the foundations for shaping future plans and endeavours.

Our research expertise includes:

Holistic Project and Programme Evaluation
We are skilled at evaluating outcomes and impacts of projects and programmes, providing a complete understanding of their effectiveness.

Robust Social Research
The Ansons team is expert in conducting social research, including interviews and focus groups with diverse participants, serving a wide range of objectives. Alongside this, we also create, conduct, and analyse surveys, extracting vital insights to guide your strategic decisions. This work is often complemented by desktop research and analysis of secondary data, to enrich our insights and recommendations.

Insightful Spatial Analysis
Our GIS capabilities enable us to carry out multi-modal travel time analysis and create time-based catchment maps that demonstrate the potential for more sustainable travel patterns. Among other things, these insights enable us to review the accessibility of a site or area by different forms of transport, and to understand journey-time benefits and penalties associated with workplace relocations.

Ansons’ transport research and evaluation services will help redefine your understanding of how, why, when and where people travel. These insights will deepen your understanding of the transport challenges you face and how best to address them.

See our case-studies for examples of some of the research projects we have delivered!

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