Ansons' Clients

Ansons Consulting is your trusted partner for sustainable transport solutions. Our independent experts offer tailored advice and support to a diverse clientele, aiming to minimise the impact of car travel on new developments, workplaces, educational institutions, health facilities, event venues, leisure facilities, and tourist destinations.

We also support organisations with their goals of promoting, facilitating and enhancing active travel and public transport options, helping people to take positive decisions around walking, wheeling and cycling that benefit their health and the environment, and to opt for taking the bus, train, coach or tram in the place of private cars.

Contact our team now to explore how we can empower your organisation with deep insights and effective, future-ready mobility strategies. Together, let’s drive change for a brighter and more sustainable future.

What our clients say about us

“SWG3 is striving towards net zero and we want to bring our community along with us on this journey. With over 80 staff, 120 resident artists and businesses, and 250,000+ gig goers and audiences each year, it is important that we understand the full environmental impact of what we do, and travel is an important part of that process.

“Ansons Consulting brought their invaluable expertise and knowledge within the transport sector to help us to understand this. Through consultation, they established a picture of how people travel to SWG3, what influences their choices, and what actions SWG3 can take to encourage everyone to travel more sustainably. Helpfully, we now have a series of actionable recommendations –short-term solutions and some longer term – which we are working towards. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them.”
Alison Fullerton, Appeal Director / Strategic Impact Lead, SWG3

“We have worked with Ansons on a number of projects and knew they would have the right approach with our free bikes pilots. They understood our local needs and represented those, in parallel with national programme ambition of Scottish Government.

“The outcomes of the work have informed our on-going delivery of the free bikes projects and we are already implementing many of the recommendations this year.”
Shirley Paterson, Active Travel Development Manager, FEL

“The evaluation work carried out by Ansons has allowed us to gain invaluable feedback from the users and stakeholders involved in the GoSEStran project. SEStran will ensure we take these recommendations and the feedback on board into the next stages of the project, to allow us to continue to improve the MaaS app. We hope the report created by Ansons with their findings can help Transport Scotland begin to realise the potential benefits of a MaaS app in Scotland.”
Hattie James, Project Officer, SEStran

“Our work with Ansons and BetterPoints, rewarding people for travelling in an active way or using public transport, has been a great asset for us as an area. It has helped us to achieve our goals such as reducing traffic congestion, with the added benefit of supporting local businesses too.”
Koyejo Olugbile, Transport Planning Officer, Falkirk Council

Organisations we have worked with include: