Understanding and changing the way we travel

Ansons Consulting is a boutique transport consultancy with a reputation for excellence. We have been helping our clients solve complex transport and mobility problems since 2011. Typically, our clients face serious challenges connected with car park or local traffic congestion, poor access, low footfall, securing planning permission, or achieving transport-related sustainability targets.

We specialise in understanding and influencing travel behaviour, and particularly, in reducing the impact of large numbers of people travelling by car, whether to workplaces, education or health facilities, events, leisure facilities, or tourist attractions and destinations.

We also help developers harness the full potential of their sites by generating effective, long-term responses to both current and future mobility challenges and opportunities.

Join us on this journey as we revolutionise the way people travel. Get in touch today to find out about the robust, sustainable solutions we can deliver for you.

We design, deliver and evaluate strategies that influence the travel choices people make

Latest Case Studies

  • Strategy
    Promoting Sustainable Travel Choices at SWG3
    SWG3, one of Scotland's premier independent arts venues, has set an ambitious goal to achieve net zero by 2025 and embrace the principles of the circular economy.
  • Research
    Advancing Mobility as a Service in Scotland
    The Scottish Government's 2018 commitment  to investing £2 million over three years in the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) concept marked a significant milestone in the pursuit of innovative transportation solutions.
  • Research
    Assessing Transport Infrastructure & Services for Development Planning
    Our commission was to conduct an initial analysis of the existing transport network’s capacity at the proposed development site of AEG Europe’s Edinburgh Park Arena. The proposed Arena is expected to have a capacity of 8,500 so will lead to significant demand on the local transport infrastructure.