Sustainable Travel Options Appraisal and Modal Shift Study

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Ansons was commissioned by Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park Authority to assess and appraise options for reducing car use, as well as improving sustainable transport coverage and patronage to and within the National Park, for both visitors and local residents.

Our research showed there is a compelling case for change. The current mobility system is no longer fit-for-purpose, particularly in the light of the climate emergency, but more generally, in relation to provision of transport services to both residents and visitors. In short, the current trajectory of car-dominated travel patterns is not sustainable and is at odds with key policy drivers. It was clearly time to reimagine and redesign how transport works in and for the National Park.

This broad context informed the development of a vision, set of objectives and an implementation plan that tackled the challenges and opportunities head-on. Our recommended “Step-Change” approach –  development and delivery of a comprehensive Sustainable Transport Strategy that supports and embeds sustainable tourism  – is predicated on a need to reinvent how transport and travel are governed and funded in the National Park context, to provide a transport network that is fit for the future.

Our recommended approach was designed to support a significant increase to the number of people travelling to and around the Park by active and sustainable modes. Not only will this alleviate the parking and congestion pressures associated with visitors, but it will provide benefit to local communities and businesses.