Advancing Mobility as a Service in Scotland

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The Scottish Government’s 2018 commitment  to investing £2 million over three years in the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) concept marked a significant milestone in the pursuit of innovative transportation solutions.

The MaaS Investment Fund (MIF) was established to test the viability of MaaS in Scotland and empower individuals with convenient digital access to travel information.

To assess the appeal, impact, and long-term potential of MaaS services in the SEStran region, the GoSEStran pilot project was launched. Its primary focus was on addressing East Lothian’s lack of integrated physical and digital transport options, as well as combating transport poverty.

Ansons was entrusted with the task of developing and implementing a robust monitoring and evaluation plan for the GoSEStran pilot project. Leveraging our expertise, we devised a comprehensive framework that formed the basis of our subsequent research. Our approach involved gathering both qualitative and quantitative data to uncover insights into the added value of the pilot project and the potential of MaaS to contribute to strategic transport objectives.

Our research enabled us to generate valuable findings that will contribute to Transport Scotland’s evaluation of the overall MaaS Investment Fund programme. By examining the measurable outputs, outcomes and impacts of the GoSEStran pilot, our research aims to inform future decisions and policies related to the implementation of MaaS initiatives, both in Scotland and further afield.

Our involvement in the GoSEStran pilot project exemplifies our dedication to shaping the future of mobility and creating more accessible and sustainable transportation systems for all.

“The evaluation work carried out by Ansons has allowed us to gain invaluable feedback from the users and stakeholders involved in the GoSEStran project. SEStran will ensure we take these recommendations and the feedback on board into the next stages of the project, to allow us to continue to improve the MaaS app. We hope the report created by Anson’s with their findings can help Transport Scotland begin to realise the potential benefits of a MaaS app in Scotland.”

Hattie James, Project Officer, SEStran