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Influencing Travel Behaviour
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  • Influencing Travel Behaviour
    Get Active Arbroath
    At the end of 2020 we were commissioned by Angus Council to deliver an active travel initiative in partnership with BetterPoints, called Get Active Arbroath.
  • Engagement and Facilitation
    Stakeholder Workshop
    We were commissioned by Carplus in 2016 to plan, run and report the results of a half-day stakeholder workshop in Fife.
  • Engagement and Facilitation
    Low Carbon Travel Hubs
    In 2016, Regional Transport Partnership, HITRANS, appointed Ansons to determine whether there was scope to develop one or more low carbon travel hubs in Argyll and Bute using funding sourced through the Scottish Government’s Low Carbon Travel and Transport Challenge (LCTT) fund.
  • Engagement and Facilitation
    Behaviour Change Workshop
    The Energy Saving Trust employed our services to deliver a behaviour change workshop during an ‘away-day’ for its transport team.
  • Engagement and Facilitation
    “Out There” Campaign Insights
    In 2018, we were appointed by Ramblers Scotland to explore the benefits of and barriers to increasing the number of paths identified in publicly available mapping products covering Scotland.
  • Engagement and Facilitation
    Community Engagement Projects
    During 2019 and 2020, we were commissioned by Angus Council to deliver two active and sustainable travel related community engagement projects - one in Brechin and the other in Forfar.
  • Strategies, Policies and Guidance
    Active Travel Strategy
    In 2018, we were engaged by the South Ayrshire Council to develop a business strategy for the Active Travel Hub, Ayr.
  • Strategies, Policies and Guidance
    Car Club Business Plan
    In 2017, Ansons was commissioned to develop an evidence-based business plan. The focus of this plan was the consolidation, management and growth of LEAP’s car club operations in Renfrewshire.
  • Strategies, Policies and Guidance
    East Lothian Council Travel Plan
    In 2017, we developed a travel plan for East Lothian Council and in 2020, updated this plan. The evidence-based strategy was designed to help East Lothian Council generate more sustainable commuter travel patterns.
  • Strategies, Policies and Guidance
    Travel Plan for Office Conversion
    We developed a travel plan as a condition of the planning permission to extend and convert the Kingussie Court House into office space for staff, as well as a Council Service Point on behalf of the Highland Council.
  • Strategies, Policies and Guidance
    Residential Travel Plan
    We provided planning application support, by the way of a travel plan, for the conversion of an existing office property (28 Maritime Lane) into residential apartments.
  • Strategies, Policies and Guidance
    Development-Related Travel Plan
    In 2019, WASPS Studios commissioned Ansons to create a travel plan for its new Inverness Creative Academy.