Promoting Sustainable Travel Choices at SWG3

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SWG3, one of Scotland’s premier independent arts venues, has set an ambitious goal to achieve net zero by 2025 and embrace the principles of the circular economy.

As part of this commitment, SWG3 aims to lead by example and actively encourage sustainable travel choices to and within its site.

Recognising the numerous benefits associated with an increase in staff, tenants, and customers choosing to travel to the venue by walking, cycling, public transport, or carpooling, SWG3 sought to develop an effective program to support and promote sustainable travel options.

The commissioned Travel Plan serves as a comprehensive blueprint outlining the steps necessary to encourage more sustainable travel choices and address the challenges arising from car dependency. It encompasses a tailored suite of measures, incentives, and targets designed to promote active and sustainable travel while reducing reliance on private vehicles.

By fostering a culture of sustainable transportation, SWG3 aims to reduce climate changing emissions, enhance road safety, improve site accessibility, and create a healthier environment for all. The Travel Plan not only offers a practical framework for achieving these objectives but also ensures increased travel choices and cost savings for staff, tenants, and customers alike.

Through this initiative, SWG3 demonstrates its commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable practices. By leading the way in promoting sustainable travel choices, the venue inspires positive change within its community while setting an example for other organisations in the arts and entertainment sector.

“SWG3 is striving towards net zero and we want to bring our community along with us on this journey. With over 80 staff, 120 resident artists and businesses, and 250,000+ gig goers and audiences each year, it is important that we understand the full environmental impact of what we do, and travel is an important part of that process.

“Ansons Consulting brought their invaluable expertise and knowledge within the travel sector to help us to understand this. Through consultation, they established a picture of how people travel to SWG3, what influences their choices, and what actions SWG3 can take to encourage everyone to travel more sustainably. Helpfully, we now have a series of actionable recommendations –short-term solutions and some longer term – which we are working towards. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them.”

Alison Fullerton, Appeal Director / Strategic Impact Lead, SWG3