New Mobility in the Scottish Tourism Sector

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In 2017, we were engaged by Carplus to generate insights into if and how shared car services (car clubs and 2+ car sharing) could be successfully introduced and promoted within the Scottish tourism sector.

The research process involved a review of examples of best practice from other locations and service providers. Knowledge and feedback from public transport providers, shared car providers and tourism related businesses, was also incorporated into the report.

It also involved designing and conducting a survey for 500 people, to source information about existing and potential tourist travel behaviour in Scotland. Respondents were selected on the basis that they were residents of Great Britain and had travelled for leisure within the UK / Ireland over the past year. In particular, the survey explored the benefits and barriers that are likely to influence visitors’ willingness to use shared car services whilst visiting Scotland.

The findings of this study suggested shared car services have a positive role to play in helping visitors and tourists get to and around Scotland. It concluded that shared car services are more likely to succeed when they are deeply embedded into the overall tourist/ visitor offer, well promoted to appropriate market segments and supported by a range of partners, such as destination management organisations, other transport operators and tourism businesses.