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Our services have been retained by Parabola since 2018, to develop and implement a Mobility Management Strategy for its Edinburgh Park, Southern Phase, Residential – Led Mixed-Use development.

The masterplan for the site responds to emerging political, commercial, social and environmental imperatives, which increasingly see policymakers and consumers putting a premium on the creation of healthy, liveable and sustainable built environments. Being at the centre of a dense transport network enables the site to be developed in a way that helps deliver these outcomes and creates the opportunity to be an exemplar for similar developments in Scotland and beyond.

The masterplan envisions the new development as a compact, mixed-use urban quarter that harnesses the full potential of being one of Scotland’s best-connected development sites. It deliberately features low on-site parking provision and prioritises the movement of people, rather than privately owned cars.

In support of this vision, we developed an evidence-based Mobility Management Strategy, which aims to bring the design principles embedded in the masterplan ‘to life’ and enable occupiers to capitalise on the site’s excellent connectivity whilst simultaneously, reducing the social, environmental and financial impacts of their travel choices. Importantly, the Mobility Management Strategy also provided strong support for Parabola’s successful application for planning permission.

Successful delivery of the MMS will help:

  • Protect ongoing investment by multiple stakeholders in the success of this low car, mixed-use development
  • Support and promote functional and attractive mobility choices for businesses, residents and visitors
  • Maintain a positive image and profile for the development