Influencing Sustainable Travel Behaviour with BetterPoints

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The collaboration between Ansons and BetterPoints has yielded exceptional outcomes, cementing a highly effective working relationship.

Through BetterPoints’ innovative technology platform, which employs GPS tracking, motion sensing, and advanced server-side algorithms, participants are rewarded with tailored incentives upon achieving specific behavioural goals, such as walking or cycling to work, attending events on foot, or utilising public transport. Ansons’ key role in these projects lies in localising associated marketing and conducting targeted engagement activities that promote the download and utilisation of the BetterPoints app, thus driving increased participation rates in the campaigns.

The 2022-23 campaign alone demonstrated remarkable results, including:

  • Recording 144,553 active and sustainable journeys.
  • Directly replacing approximately 96,851 single occupancy car trips with active and sustainable alternatives.
  • Avoiding an estimated 42.3 tonnes of CO2 emissions.
  • Achieving a 75% agreement rate among respondents who indicated a greater inclination to walk or cycle as a direct outcome of the campaign.

These compelling statistics highlight the effectiveness of our collaborative efforts in positively influencing travel behaviour and promoting sustainable transportation choices within the Falkirk Council area. By utilising cutting-edge technology and implementing targeted engagement strategies, we have successfully driven significant changes in travel habits, resulting in reduced emissions and enhanced quality of life for the local community.

“Our work with Ansons and BetterPoints, rewarding people for travelling in an active way or using public transport, has been a great asset for us as an area. It has helped us to achieve our goals such as reducing traffic congestion, with the added benefit of supporting local businesses too.”

Koyejo Olugbile, Transport Planning Officer, Falkirk Council