Establishing a Travel Forum for East Lothian Businesses

Case Studies > Establishing a Travel Forum for East Lothian Businesses

Ansons was commissioned to conduct research on the potential benefits of establishing a travel forum for businesses in East Lothian.

The objective was to foster collaboration, resource sharing, and best practice exchange among businesses while collectively addressing the negative impacts of commuting, leisure, and business travel.

The study aimed to determine the interest of East Lothian businesses in a travel forum and identify the specific topics they would find most valuable for discussion within the forum.

The research involved a review of existing sustainable travel schemes and initiatives, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the support already available to businesses. Additionally, interviews were conducted with key businesses, government organisations, and tourism providers across East Lothian to explore current travel behaviours and identify barriers to sustainable and active travel.

The findings of the commission were presented in a final report. The report provided an overview of existing schemes, insights from organisations, levels of support for a travel forum, and recommendations for future facilitation of the forum in East Lothian.

By establishing a travel forum, East Lothian businesses can benefit from enhanced collaboration, shared resources, and best practice exchange. If established, the forum can serve as a platform for addressing common travel challenges and identifying opportunities to promote sustainable and active travel within the region. Through collective efforts, businesses can reduce the negative environmental impacts associated with commuting and travel, while contributing to the overall well-being and sustainability of East Lothian.