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In October 2019, Falkirk Council commissioned us to deliver site-specific commuter travel plans for two Falkirk-based workplaces and to pilot test the delivery of an innovative, app-based rewards system to encourage local employees to travel more actively and sustainably.

A wide range of evidence informed development of the two travel plans, which included a set of practical actions designed to support increased uptake of active and sustainable commuter travel by staff.

Through a partnership with BetterPoints, we were able to pilot the use of their unique app. The app allows users to track their active and sustainable journeys whilst completing challenges and earning rewards. During the pilot project, 4,333 walk, cycle, public transport and car share activities were recorded by users of the BetterPoints app, resulting in 7,219 miles being travelled on sustainable forms of transport. In the exit survey, 80% of respondents said their travel behaviour had changed as a result of using the BetterPoints app.

Due to the project’s overall success in 2019/20, our contract was extended to enable wider delivery of a similar programme during 2020/2021.