Development-Related Travel Plan

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In 2019, WASPS Studios commissioned Ansons to create a travel plan for its new Inverness Creative Academy.

The purpose of this travel plan was to fulfil planning conditions set out by The Highland Council and make active and sustainable travel the natural choice of those working and visiting Inverness Creative Academy. The social and environmental benefits afforded by the use of active and sustainable transport modes strongly align with WASPS’s own mission as a social enterprise.

Our approach to this project included conducting a tenant and staff survey after the official opening of the first phase of the development. The insights gained from this exercise highlighted the everyday travel needs of tenants and staff. This in turn informed the development of a bespoke package of measures focused on supporting WASPS deliver their stated aims of increasing the uptake of active and sustainable travel. In addition to this, the travel plan outlined measures for the management of public events at Inverness Creative Academy. The set of actions outlined in the travel plan were set for delivery in 2020.