Creating a Travel Plan for a Low Carbon Development

Case Studies > Creating a Travel Plan for a Low Carbon Development

The Woodside Housing Development in Gatehouse of Fleet aims to provide new affordable housing for residents in the town.

Ansons was commissioned during the planning phase to create a site-specific travel plan that would help to understand transport provision linking the site to the surrounding area and, in doing so, support the developer’s low-carbon, low-car ambitions.

Our research for the travel plan included a thorough review of relevant planning and transport policies, interviews with stakeholders, including relevant local authority officers, a site visit and the use of GIS-generated time catchment maps to understand how long it takes to travel to different locations from the site using different modes of transport. All of this fed into an access audit, which described travel options to and from the site using means such as active travel and public transport, in addition to private car.

Importantly, the travel plan concluded with recommendations aimed at mitigating potential social, environmental, and economic impacts of travel by future residents. The recommendations focused on facilitating and encouraging the use of sustainable transport options through measures to support active travel, provide travel information to residents and enable low-car lifestyles.