Assessing Transport Infrastructure & Services for Development Planning

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Our commission was to conduct an initial analysis of the existing transport network’s capacity at the proposed development site of AEG Europe’s Edinburgh Park Arena. The proposed Arena is expected to have a capacity of 8,500 so will lead to significant demand on the local transport infrastructure.

The objective was to support our client’s due diligence process for planning and construction, specifically evaluating the capabilities of the public transport and road networks, and local car-parking facilities in meeting the development’s requirements.

Through comprehensive research, we evaluated the effectiveness of various transportation modes in serving the proposed Edinburgh Park Arena site. Our analysis considered key factors such as frequency of services, capacity to accommodate passengers, catchment areas served, proximity to the site, and the potential for enhancement of each mode.

By examining the frequency of services and the number of people each mode could transport, we assessed their suitability for meeting the anticipated demand. Evaluating the catchment areas helped determine the accessibility and reach of each mode, considering the origins of potential travellers. The proximity of car parks to the site was also a crucial consideration.

Furthermore, we assessed the potential for enhancing each mode, taking into account future improvements or expansions that could increase their effectiveness and capacity.

Based on our research findings, our client was empowered to make well-informed, evidence-based decisions regarding the suitability of the potential site for their development purposes. By understanding the strengths and limitations of the existing transport infrastructure, our client gained valuable insights that informed their planning and construction strategies, ensuring a more seamless integration of transportation networks with their development project.