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In 2018, we were engaged by the South Ayrshire Council to develop a business strategy for the Active Travel Hub, Ayr.

Ayr’s Active Travel Hub project was established in 2015/16, using Smarter Choices, Smarter Places funding. The Hub is managed by Ayrshire Roads Alliance, on behalf of South Ayrshire Council. The Hub’s primary purpose is to deliver modal shift and particularly, to encourage more car drivers (and especially those driving alone) to walk and cycle.

The business strategy developed by Ansons sets out a broad strategic direction for the Hub, stretching over a three-year period. The development of this business strategy was guided by a wide body of evidence, our consulting experience and expertise, as well as good practice. The key objectives of the strategy included collaboration with partners to develop Active Travel Hub services, the delivery of effective services to places where people work, live and visit, and the provision of dedicated services enabling active travel. The strategy incorporated an action plan, which provided detailed guidance on what measures should be implemented and when they should be implemented.