A Better Way – Activating your Spaces For People temporary infrastructure

Ansons Consulting and BetterPoints have teamed up to create a unique offer to encourage people to use and value your ‘pop-up’ walking and cycling infrastructure.

Through our partnership, BetterPoints provides its innovative technology platform, which forms the bedrock of the projects we deliver.  The Ansons’ team then delivers local engagement with, for instance, local traders, employers, employees and residents, and provides local support for the delivery of BetterPoints’ behaviour change campaigns.

BetterPoints technology combines GPS tracking and motion sensing with sophisticated server-side algorithms that verify transport modes and journey characteristics. This information is then linked to different types and levels of incentives that are awarded to people when they meet certain behavioural goals, such as travelling by foot or bicycle or using specific routes.

Award Winning

In this way, BetterPoints’ award winning behaviour change management system helps to motivate employees, customers and citizens to make positive changes to their behaviour – be it walking and cycling more often or engaging in other positive activities such as shopping locally.

“We’ve found the flexibility of the system brilliant. The combination of the programme and platform to address travel, climate, health and wellbeing and business support appears to be unique… I really don’t think you can find it anywhere else” – Paul Garrison, Warwick District Council


In the context of Spaces for People, a BetterPoints campaign can support a number of important outcomes, such as:

  • Encouraging people to use new, temporary infrastructure (as well as the wider active travel network) to walk, cycle or wheel for essential trips and exercise.
  • Promoting footfall and incentivising shopping locally, while at the same time, encouraging shoppers to travel safely for these and other local trips.

A key feature of the BetterPoints platform is its ability to capture important data that is otherwise challenging or expensive to gather. For example, BetterPoints data can be used to map and visualise all journeys (or even  just journeys on a particular route or within a defined area) in ways that support sophisticated analysis of behaviour and infrastructure planning. These and other key outputs can then be included in our final evaluation report.


Case Study

BetterPoints have published a one page case study describing how they delivered a bespoke project for Leicester City and Leicestershire County Councils to encourage use of their new pop-up infrastructure and measure its impact.

Based on projects with other local authorities, the unique combination of functionality offered by BetterPoints may enable a Single Supplier Exception to be used for procurement purposes.

Read the Case Study

Please contact us to learn more about how a BetterPoints campaign could add value to your own Spaces for People projects.

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